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The Light of Gods - AVINCIS - Vila Dobruşa

A new exhibition of Emil Ciocoiu, "The light of gods", took place at the annual picnic of AVINCIS – Vila Dobruşa, at Drăgăşani. 20 masterpieces, some of great dimensions, was exhibited in June in a beautiful natural landscape, combining tradition and modernity, of the AVINCIS winery – Vila Dobruşa.


The Trilogy "Dobruşa"

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Emil Ciocoiu - 2014-2015 - Oil on canvas - Private collection AVINCIS – Vila Dobruşa


Vineyard AVINCIS - Vila Dobruşa

AVINCIS is the symbol of the revival of Romanian wines, marking a return to tradition and a glance to modernity. This is what AVINCIS means for Valeriu and Cristiana Stoica, who have decided to give a new life to the family’s vineyard situated in the sub-Carpathian region, at the gates of the Monasteries in the North of Oltenia.

Even at the very first glance, the location of the Vila Dobruşa, where the Avincis wines are produced, looks like a hill blessed by God. This vineyard suitable in size (30 planted hectares) practically covers the entire hill as well as its slopes gently descending towards the valleys. The exposure to the sun is exceptional, the plateau absorbing the first sun rays and preserving the last ones...

  ciocoiu, avincis

Annual Picnic of AVINCIS - Vila Dobruşa


Every year, Valeriu and Cristiana Stoica organize a gourmet picnic accompanied by the AVINCIS wines, with some artists.

This year, the painter Emil Ciocoiu was invited to expose some of its paintings, as well as the fashion designer Alina Maria Mărgulescu and the music band Alex Porro & Band.

Source: AVINCIS Website 


Some of the exposed paintings:

Aspiraţie 2014    70 x 60 cm             

Dor - 1984 - 70 x 90 cm 

Trei Flăcări 1988 80 x 70 cm  
Dimineaţă în grădină       2009      110 x 60 cm  
Dor 1985 70 x 90 cm  
Nesfârşit albastru 1990 70 x 90 cm  
Primăvara  2015 100 x 100 cm  
Magnolia 2011 80 x 70 cm  



"It was "love at first sight" for the surprising visual allegories – chromatically fine-exuberant – of the painter Ciocoiu."

Ion Caramitru, General Director National Theatre "I.L. Caragiale" Bucharest

"Those who enter for the first time in an exhibition will have the joy to discover an artist with a strong personality and an unique mastership of universal inspiration."

Marius Tita, Art Critic, Chief Editor Radio Romania International, Bucharest


Some pictures of the event:


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